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GAMUCATEX is celebrating 3 years!

What an incredible journey so far, full of learning and growth.

We would not have been here without the brilliant team behind the project Tectonicus:, the advice from Danish startups, and finally all of you, our community. Your positive feedback and excitement for our shared passion for history, mythology, and adventure inspire us to push boundaries in the world of meaningful gaming!

Notable milestones

We are grateful to all dedicated and brilliant talents that we’re lucky to have with us and who have shaped us into who we are today! Thanks to them, in the past year we have achieved some remarkable milestones, such as:

During this year we gained more than 5.000 views of our game MVP page on and had more than 3.000 players try out our game.

We are proud of these accomplishments – you'll see that they are just the beginning! We are constantly growing, improving ourselves and pushing the boundaries in the world of gaming.

These achievements would have never happened if it wasn't for our multidisciplinary team of historians, archaeologists, artists, sound designers, composers, developers, game and narrative designers, game writers, user researchers and many more. A delicious feast and a joyful celebration – that's how our close-knit team marked the 3 years of GAMUCATEX.

Long dining table

Just like the vikings feasted at long tables, so did we. At the headquarters of The Human Legal Innovation hub, where we share office space, we exchanged old tales of the past three years while eating pizza, surrounded by colorful balloons, music and good team spirit. This also included our remote members.

GAMUCATEX dining together and celebrating 3-year anniversary
Team GAMUCATEX dining together

Games bring us together!

Once all the pizza was eaten, our office and remote team members tested a palette of their skills playing online together. As an international team from all around the globe, we always make sure that every individual, whether they are online or on-site, can participate in core team building activities, fostering bonding, employee satisfaction and idea generation. The anniversary celebration ended with our CEO, Andreas, receiving a gift and giving a heartfelt speech.

Andreas Jørgensen CEO of GAMUCATEX receiving a thank you gift
Andreas, CEO and founder of GAMUCATEX, receiving a gift

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