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Devlog - V2.4.1 Update

Updated: Feb 26

Greetings, warriors and strategists! It's been a while since our last update, and we're thrilled to return with some exciting news about the latest developments in Tectonicus. Today we want to talk about the new features we are bringing to the game, cards and abilities we have added and the bugs we have fixed. Let’s dive right into it! 

New Cards & Abilities

Hold onto your helmets because we’ve got a boatload of new cards sailing your way faster than you can say “Valhalla!”. In this update, we are introducing 37 brand new cards to the card collection. The new cards are primarily Units, the basis of your deck – and the newcomers aren't just any run of the mill warriors, oh no!

Behold, our troublemakers that are already causing havoc in the current game version. 

Your new Viking warriors have already sharpened their axes, waiting for your orders in the game!

  • Bear Skin Berserkers (Unit card)

  • Double Bearded Axe Wielders (Unit card)

  • Gothi (Unit card)

  • Oppressive Vikings (Unit card)

  • Shield-maidens (Unit card)

  • Veteran raiders (Unit card)

  • Veteran line breakers (Unit card)

  • Naked berserkers (Unit card)

  • Field hunters (Unit card)

  • Dane axe warriors (Unit card)

  • Chosen axe warriors (Unit card)

  • Byzantine veterans (Unit card)

  • Acolytes of Ullr (Unit card)

Latest recruits from the Anglo-Saxon ranks!

  • Arthurian Knight (Unit card)

  • Bearer of the Wyvern Standard (Unit card)

  • Fyrd (Unit card)

  • Northumbrian Thane (Commander card)

Prepare to rally behind the Frankish fighters as we unveil their latest additions to the fray!

●     Bearer of the Oriflamme (Unit card)

●     Crossbow Skirmishers (Unit card)

●     Marcher Baron (Commander card)

●     Marquiss (Unit card)

●     Mayor of the Palace (Unit card)

●     Noble Riders (Unit card)

●     Sergeants (Unit card)

●     Vassi Dominici (Unit card)

●     Zealots (Unit card)

Get ready to meet the versatile arsenal of units and action cards, universally adaptable to all three factions

●     Spear Warriors (Unit card)

●     Sworn Brothers (Unit card)

●     Volunteer Villagers (Unit card)

●     For the Fallen (Action card)

●     Hallucinogenic Mushrooms (Action card)

●     Inspiring Speech (Action card)

●     Moment of Heroism (Action card)

●     Redeploy Troops (Action card)

●     Ride Down (Action card)

●     Taunting (Action card)

●     Smuggled off (Action card)

Please note that our artists are continuously refining the artwork to elevate the quality of our cards. Stay tuned for updates and keep an eye out for the new card artwork in our upcoming releases.

Card Abilities

We have added new abilities to Unit and Commander cards – they will introduce a diverse range of gameplay mechanics and strategic possibilities.  However, these are not final and they are still subject to design improvements. Each forthcoming addition to our card collection will promise even more dynamic and evolving gaming experience!.


Here is a list of the new abilities:

  • Heal - restore full base health of the unit card.

  • Jump - jump over an opponent card.

  • Espionage - see some of the opponent's cards that they have in their hand.

  • Rapid deployment - When a card is played, it places additional copies on the battlefield of similar cards from the player’s hand.

These abilities are pivotal for strategic decision-making  and can greatly influence gameplay outcomes when utilized effectively. For example, by default, deploying a card onto the battlefield consumes 1 action point out of a total of 5. With the new “Rapid deployment” ability players can strategically deploy up to 4 cards at the cost of just 1 action point, significantly optimizing their tactical maneuvers – which presents a potential game-changing tactic.


New card stats & deployment areas

  • We’ve given our cards a stat boost, increasing their ATK and HP from humble beginnings to new heights! Get ready for some serious battle endurance training! With our new stats, fights are more epic than ever, giving you the chance to really flex those strategic muscles and feel the power of each unit under your fingertips.

To crank up the realism, we’ve decided to add one more deployment row. Unleash your inner tactician and picture this: a solid shield wall up front, with your archers poised and ready to rain down arrows from behind. Find your winning combination among the countless strategic unit placements! 

New features

From streamlined user interface to innovative gameplay mechanics, our latest additions are made to immerse you even further into the intricate world of Viking Age warfare and history.

 Fresh additions: 3 AI difficulty levels, save system, new sound effects, and more.


  • Revamped audio settings interface offering customizable options for master volume, music, voice, sound effects, ambiance and panning.

  • We’ve added  sound effects to cards when they enter the board, move, attack and get defeated, so you might need to turn up the volume!

  • Get ready to face off against our upgraded AI opponents, with three levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium and Hard, ranging from ‘Do I really have to try?’ to ‘Whoa, did that just happen?’

  • Say goodbye to losing your progress. With our new save system, your decks and audio preferences are safer than a buried treasure.

  • Keep track of our game’s evolution with our version number feature, located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Whenever you wanna check the patch notes, now you know which patch you are playing.

Bug fixes

Our developers have been diligently addressing various bugs identified in the aftermath of our recent update. With a keen focus on user feedback and testing, we’ve pinpointed and resolved issues that might have impacted the gameplay. Your gaming experience matters, and we’re dedicated to making it as smooth and flawless as possible.

Drumroll, please! Presenting the squashed bugs, they’ve finally met their match!


  • The Noble Riders are no longer just pretty faces, they’ve hit the gym and are now beefed up with ATK and HP while cruising across the battlefield!

  • Our tokens have had a mood makeover, they’re flaunting green when they’re feeling superior, and a shy red when they’re feeling a bit….underwhelmed.

  • We’ve put the tutorial on a much needed diet, no more tutorials popping up every time you log in!

  • Good news graveyard gawkers! We’ve cracked open the crypt and fixed the scroll mechanics. Now you can scroll up and down to your heart’s content, checking out all those dearly departed cards.

  • We’ve put a handbrake on card hoarding, no more sneaking extra cards into your hand. We’ve set the limit at a solid 10.

  • The deck search bar is back on the case, ready to hunt down those elusive berserkers and any other hidden gems lurking in the depths of your deck. It’s like having your own personal card hunting hound, just don’t forget to feed it!

  • No more last minute surprises when it comes to token placement. Once your turn ends, the token fun stops, you’re on a lockdown and can’t place any token until the next turn.

  • You can now dismiss the audio settings window by clicking outside of it.

  • You can now close the pause menu by clicking on it again. Try it, just give it a high-five and see how it goes away!

  • Deck names were once shackled by a 13-character limit, we’ve increased it now to 14-characters. However, it feels that it’s still not enough room for those silly deck names we all secretly love. Looks like we might have to bump it up even more in the near future, because how else would you remember your decks if not by their silly names.

Written by Jack korkis.

Edited by Alena Glinina and Hamda Ahmed

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