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  • Rasmus Nielsen

Devlog July 2021 - Changes to battles and Localization

Hello everyone and welcome to this new devlog, it's been a while. We have gone through a re-structure of some things and the development team was heavily affected by medical issues and vacations, however, we are back on track and from this point onwards, we will look to create a new devlog once a month!

Since last time, quite a few things have changed, but visually it looks very similar. There has also been a bit of work done outside of the previous area of focus, which was the card battles. However, none of these features are ready to be shown yet, and are in very early stages.

Changes to battles

There have been a few changes and additions to the card battles. First off is a change to how the movementphase worked, i.e. where every card on the battlefield would move/attack. This phase has been split in two, so cards will first move, and then attack, which also means that unlike what we had previously, a card can both move and attack.

Another feature we have been working on is leader abilities. This gives the player a certain ability depending on the leader they choose when building a deck, currently there is only one leader ability "Axe Hurl". Axe hurl deals two damage to the opponent player and costs one action, but has a cooldown of three turns. Names and numbers are however subject to change and requires further testing.

We see this new ability option in the bottom right of the upcoming image.

In the image you can also spot a highlight effect on the cards in the player's hand (Yellow frame) What you should do throughout your turn will have this yellow, flashing highlight effect. When you hold a card with your cursor, the safezone squares will start highlighting, to show the player where they should be placing their cards. When you don't have any cards left in your hand, the green deck to the right will highlight. When you don't have any actions left, the end turn button will be highlighted.


Localization is another system that we have been working on, it is currently implemented in a very basic way, and we are looking to improve upon it further, but for now it fulfills our needs. The idea currently is to have two languages implemented: English and Danish. English because we are looking to release the game internationally, and Danish to cater to Danish schools as educational material.

As can be seen in the video, a new settings option has been added, where you can seamlessly switch between the two languages.

Next month there will still be some work on the card battles, which includes new attacking animations and new cards. We are also working on a settlement builder/exploration mode, which hopefully we should be able to show off next time!

That concludes this month's devlog. Tell us what you think of the changes, we would love to hear your opinion.

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