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DEVLOG (February 2023)

Hey Gamers and Historians!

It's been a couple of months since you have last heard from us. We have been busy with bringing new and exciting things to Tectonicus.

Today, we want to show you our new Deck Building menu—a first look at multiplayer in the form of local multiplayer and our updated sound design.

Starting with the Deck building menu:

The new deck builder has search functionality to find the card you are looking for more easily and a general layout that provides a clearer overview of what you are building.

Additional historical context is presented through a pop-out window when you click on a card.

The local multiplayer functionality has been introduced as our first form of multiplayer capabilities.

Local Multiplayer:

  • This is the first functioning version of player vs player;

  • This allows us to balance the game and test new features and how they affect the game play;

  • We will also use this feature for play test/showcasing our game at different events;

  • [Note that local multiplayer may not be in the final game].


  • We updated the menu so all the buttons now function with less errors

Deck Builder:

  • The deck builder have been updated with new visuals;

  • You can also now zoom in on any card in the deck builder getting historical info about it;

  • New Search functionality.

In local multiplayer, you and a friend can make your own decks and battle each other. Playing against each other, you take turns to place your units and play action cards. When the first player is done with their turn, they will click END TURN and the game will prompt you to hand over the mouse and keyboard to the next player waiting until they are ready with starting their turn.

While this is still far from how we strive to have multiplayer functioning, when we are done, it's an exciting first step and will be helpful for testing the game; not only internally but also when we go to events.

Lastly we have lots of news when it comes to sound.

Sound Design:

  • Ventured to a local sports center to record authentic archery and viking battle sound effects. Generated: bow releases, arrow impacts, swords clashing, wood and metal shields defending, Dane axe impacts and fully simulated battle recordings;

  • Due to the recordings taking place in a very sound reflective environment, as well as some background conversations existing, the audio clips needed to have the reverb and echos filtered and edited out;

  • The multiple audio clips for each sound effect acquired from this process are called upon in a random order to make the battle attacks, card sounds, etc. seem more varied and dynamic;

  • A dynamic music system has been implemented. As ‘Morale’ decreases at certain intervals, the music intensifies. If ‘Morale’ increases beyond those intervals, the music intensity reduces;

  • An Audio Settings menu has been made available in the main menu and during the card battle. Currently, it allows the player to adjust the music, sound effects, background ambience as well as a master volume control for all sounds;

  • A sound modularity system has been implemented. This allows the game to be more flexible in regards to audio; if the current audio middleware were to be replaced with a new one in the future, extensive rescripting and reimplementation would be significantly reduced.

And with all this new sound design we thought it was about time we implemented a new audio menu

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