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  • Rasmus Nielsen

Devlog 23rd of February 2021 - Cleaning up and action cards.

Hello and welcome to this week's devlog. this time we will go over a general clean up of the game, the implementation of action cards and more.

Cleaning up

We have started hiding and disabling features that do not have an effect in the current game, and changing the looks of some UI elements. Some of these might come back in later versions, but for now, due to a soon-to-be external playtest, and internal confusion, we have made this decision.

In this video you not only see basic card interaction, but also the changed user interface. Here we've gotten rid of the green and red info panels from earlier builds, and instead changed them to more visual elements, with the amount of lives shown on top of a heart icon on the left, and the amount of actions the player has, as sword icons on the right.

The term actions refers to the player drawing a card or playing a card, for which they have 3 actions per turn.

Earlier we had a terrain "system" which had no effect other than changing every turn. There is also no timer, as for at least the first external playtest, we believe the players should not be limited by time.

From this video you also see that we have added card descriptions, these just describe the card's abilities, just like most other card games.

Action cards

Action cards are similar to how spell cards or ability cards work in other games, i.e. cards that do not occupy playing space, and will perform a specific ability, for example dealing two damage to a unit on the battlefield, or drawing two cards and so on.

Please let us know how you feel about the game in its current stage, what could be improved, and so on. Do you like where the game is currently heading? If not please tell us why and what could be done differently. We would also love to hear your ideas for card abilities and action cards, we believe making a great game is done by listening to the fans!

That does it for this week! Next time we will have an initial tutorial that introduces the player to the game, so that hopefully a completely new player will be able to understand how the game works. We will also have a lot of bug fixes and further cleaning.

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