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First startup workshop

We attended the first workshop today that was organized by the hub. The program for today was to introduce the different teams in the hub with each other and facilitate a start for each startup. The output of the workshop was some goals both for us as entrepreneurs and our project. We also defines ourselves in terms of, strengths, challenges, skills and skills needed. Based on this we, together with consultants at the hub, defined goals described in the following paragraph. They will most likely be updated with time. We also did a personality test in relation to doing a startup.


The following are our goals for the project the current semester this half-year. There are not in a prioritized order.

  • We want to get knowledge with the IT-world

  • We especially want to increase knowledge of the gaming industry and learning industry

  • Develop business skills

  • Have a working prototype of a program

  • Perform user test on a mock-up

  • Build a community

  • Define a method of transparency in our business activities (communicating what and how we do to our audience)

  • Perform a market analysis

  • Possible prepare of founding and a crowdfunding

The workshop was in Danish, the notes too
Notes from the welcome workshop

Who is Andreas

We followed a method of understanding ourselves in a business/project context. The following describes me, Andreas. I write my skills, that is not to claim expertness as such.

  • Strengths in relation to realizing your idea

    • Network skills, hands-on experience and in-sight knowledge in (game)project development, a great idea and several more and an ability to network with people

  • My biggest challenges

    • How is the project development going to be done? How is it going to be financed?

  • Which skills I am missing to succeed

    • Business skills, graphical and programming

  • Personal skills

    • Motivational, creative, networker

  • Professional skills

    • Organizing a team, coding, communication, game design and experience in a game studio

  • Academical skills

    • Design thinking, project management, analytic and usertest methods

  • Values

    • Democracy and group decisions

    • Social entrepreneur

    • Transparency

    • Sharing and creating knowledge

Test of Andreas

Final lesson

We also talked about looking at the grand scale of the company, all the dreams and visions. But before this can be accomplished we have to define concrete small scale tasks.

This doodle was made by one of the consultants i the hub, we were advised to work on small concrete goals first.
From small scale to a big success

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