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  • Rasmus Nielsen

Devlog February and March 2022 - Dynamic battles, combat zoom and graveyards

Hello and welcome to the devlog. This time we will be covering dynamic battles, combat zoom and graveyards.

Dynamic battles

We have wanted to simplify the card battles for a while. With the previous system, the cards on the board would move/attack based on when they were played. The problem with this system is that it becomes very difficult to play optimally and for the player to figure out when a unit would move without having to look at a list, showing when a certain unit would move.

What dynamic battles does different, is that every unit on the board moves at the same time, same goes for attacking. This also means that when units attack, they trade blows, similar to many other card games.

Now there are a few difficulties with this solution: As can be seen in the following illustration almost every unit moves at once. This makes it very difficult to understand what is happening on the board. We are actively discussing how we can get over that problem, and we have a few solutions in mind.

Combat zoom

Combat zoom is a feature where the game will zoom in and focus on the board when the player has ended their turn. An example of how we currently have this feature implemented can be seen in the following demonstration

This feature is still in development, and the zoom button is very temporary, just to test out the zoom effect. Also currently it hides everything but the board, we will be discussing what should be visible during the zoom, one element in particular would be the morale, which can be affected during battle and you lose when you reach zero morale.

Combat zoom should help the player be more focused on the board when they end their turn. Furthermore, it also signals to the player that they are no longer in control.


The graveyard is where units that have been killed in battle and activated scholar cards are put. The player will now be able to look at both their own and their opponent's graveyards.

Meanwhile we have also worked on a settlement manager system, that we are not ready to show yet, but hopefully we can show a bit in the next devlog!

That concludes this devlog. We would very much appreciate any kind of feedback that you might have.

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