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  • Rasmus Nielsen

Devlog 9th of March 2021 - Tutorial, Mulligan and Readability improvements

Hello and welcome! These past two weeks have been very focused on getting the most important systems up and running for playtests, so the playtesters get a good idea of the core game when they play it, we have also fixed quite a few bugs, that would likely have caused confusion during those playtests. The points of interest of these past two weeks have been: An in-game tutorial, reworking the mulligan feature and improvements to readability on cards.


We have developed an initial in-game tutorial, that will hopefully inform the user what each visible element in the game does.

As can be seen from the video above, the tutorial goes over parts of the game in steps. It's quite simple at this point, with very placeholder visuals, but we believe that it's understandable as it is.


We have also brought up the mulligan feature, which was older and pretty unintuitive at the point it was, so we decided to work on it, and improve its intuitiveness.

It's a simple feature overall, that prompts once the player has gone through the tutorial, where you can choose to discard up to two cards on your initial hand. It will put those cards back in the deck, and draw new cards for each discarded.

Improvements to readability on cards

There has been work done on readability in the game, as the cards initially are quite small and hard to read. Thus, we improved this in multiple ways. First, to cards in the player's hand, becoming bigger when hovering over them. You are now also able to right-click a card in the safezones or on the battlefield, to get a closer look at them. See the image below.

That does it for this time! We would love to hear what you think about these features and changes. You could possibly share some ideas you have for cards and their stats, abilities and so on, or just share ANY idea you have with us. You might think of something we've overlooked or that fits perfectly into our game!

Next devlog will most likely be quite short, as we will mostly spend time on smaller changes and research. Some things that might be covered is: Localization, more cards, surrendering a game and initial online multiplayer considerations.

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