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Completed network analysis

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Today 175 people in one of our personal networks (Andreas) were analysed to an initial list establish of contact to use in the future endeavours of the project. I design the following framework for the analysis: On the vertical side are the people, on the horizontal side are different categories. The top part of the list consists of those people that I consider to the the closed to me primarily family. From that comes the people I last had contact with, meaning further down the list are people i last had contact with. I based the contact on my Facebook inbox. First they are assessed on how strong a connection I have with them. From 1 to 3. Where 1 is a weak connection, 2 is fine and 3 is very good. In the next step I gave them a place of origin we made contact. For instance family, university, high school and work. Each person is then sorted and assessed by me according to the level they have in different categories of skills, experiences and contact. They are given a number between 0-3 or blank in each category. 0 is if they most likely have some importance in the area, 1 is if they are rated to have low importance in that area, 2 is medium importance and 3 is if they have a high importance or usually excel academically. By importance we are looking in if they have some value to add to the project. The areas are areas that was found to be important to the project, such as design, math, history, programming and teaching. This is to give a view of who to contact and see which areas are covered. I blued the names, I am sure the people appreciate not being ranked publicly.

When it is deemed relevant I will contact the people on the list and maybe ask them who they know that can help me. As time progresses I am sure this list can be updated.

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