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Become a part of the team!

Do you want to join us?

Gamucatex is currently looking for a number of talents for our open positions in the startup.

Most of these positions are currently offered as internships as we are still seeking funding. We have skilled people to guide interns.

Together we can talk about what you can bring to the team and we can see which task that you can solve.

We’re always on the lookout for amazing new talent, so show us what you’ve got!

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A project like no other

We are developing our historical card-based autobattler MVP game into an existing game! The aim is to engage people in history and reflect on the past and their life. It is inspired by and designed to be a Heroes meets, Age of Empires, Civilizations, Heartstone, and Faeria. We’re using Unity to develop the game.


Send your application to us at: if you have any questions, reach us at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Please note we reply as fast as possible, but not always as fast as big corporates and that as we send a lot of mail some might reach your spam folder, so please make sure to check that folder.

Robots with Guns
Animator, VFX/technical Artist

As a 2d Animator/ VFX/technical Artist, you will be creating in-game and cinematic animations that are engaging and believable. In our historical world, we have battlefields with humans and mythological creatures. Working with the department leads you are to do animations/VFX that contribute to furthering the understanding of the characters and/or action and advance the emotional and gameplay goals of the project.


  • ​Highlight aspects of the game that will benefit from being animated in a team discussion;

  • Participating in the integration of the animation assets into the game engine (Unity);

  • Follow up and artistic validation of the integration with the Programmers and Artists and provide technical support during the production process;

  • Using traditional animation fundamentals to craft game motions that range from stylized to realistic;

  • Troubleshooting tool implementations and suggesting workflow improvements in order to increase the efficiency and creativity of the team.


  • Work portfolio.

Image by Florian Olivo

For our card-based autobatter game, we need the talent to make the cards and decks function in the game, their placement, interaction with each other, such as the combat system, and in-game events. You will have a say in decisions in the team. The project will run this year, where you will be making the prototype. Further development will be possible afterward. Your hours will be flexible. You can work full-time or part-time in our office or join remotely. We will adapt, some of us are already here full time. We welcome both a go-getter, a person full of an idea, or someone who prefers clear tasks.       Qualifications:

  • C# experience or a similar language, or you are on track to learn it;

  • Preferably, but not needed: experience with Unity;

  • You can conceptualize code based on requirements.

Artist Sketching
2D Artist or Concept artist

As a 2d artist, you will make illustrations of history-mythological creatures, famous people, soldiers, ancient war scenes, various items, and the like to the game based on our historical descriptions. You will also produce other tasks, including illustrations:

  • “objects”, such as tools, resources/ materials and, animals. Some may be more abstract phenomenon such as a festival or diplomacy;

  • Environments and background;

  • Icons for the game, such as an attack, health, abilities, or effects;

  • Following existing detailed concept art, in other cases, you will create environments or props from scratch that match the general art direction;

  • You will be required to create and quality assurance that in-game assets and environments adhere to technical briefs;

  • Participate in our live streaming events where we show the world our team and game development.


  • Experience in drawing illustrations with color, lighting, and shadows;

  • Work portfolio.

Game Designer
Game Writer or Narrative Designer

The writer will focus on developing the fiction within an existing franchise and deliver content in the form of lore, quests, dialogue, and other story elements. The writer must be able to work with artists, game designers, and other studio team members to shape the fiction of our world. The responsibilities include:

  • Create concepts, story treatments, and pitch documents for the main game story and key story moments under the supervision of the Lead Designer and other studio executives;

  • Write and revise game episodes, story arcs, and quests, working closely with the Design team;

  • Collaborate with the Design team to create and maintain NPC character information and world back story;

  • Collaborate with the Art team to develop fully fleshed-out characters and stories.


  • Strong research skills and attention to detail;

  • Candidates should be prepared to provide at least 2 writing samples or a link to their online writing portfolio;

Image by Nirmal Rajendharkumar
Game Designer

We are looking for a game designer interested in shaping the world and the stories our players interact with.


  • You'll need to have a basic understanding of game design fundamentals;

  • You'll also need to be familiar with the quest, mission, or encounter design best practices;

  • Success in this role will rely heavily on your ability to translate designs from ideas to final implementation in the game;

  • You'll be familiar with giving and receiving constructive design feedback;

  • It will be essential to the success in this role for you to be able to communicate clearly with a variety of different disciplines, to drive consensus, and to always be a voice for the player experience;

  • Experience or/and education in UX/UI related fields;

  • Work portfolio.

Digital social media
Social Media Manager

We’re looking for a Social Media Manager that will be responsible for defining and executing our organic social strategy to raise awareness and foster engagement across SoMe.


  • Take co-responsibility for our external communication;

  • Help us define how we can market our game and whom we can develop our game to fit the market;

  • Developing a stronger online presence on our channels;

  • Engage with our audience and users, attract their attention;

  • Work with our Graphic Designers to create infographics and other online content.


  • You can communicate well in English and write engaging stories and communicate with users;

  • You have experience with one or more of these platforms and an interest in learning about the rest: websites (Wix), Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Patreon, Steam, Twitch, Discord, and Kickstarter.

Send your application to us at: if you have any questions, reach us at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Please note we, reply as fast as possible, but not always as fast as big corporates and that as we send a lot of mail some might reach your spam folder, so please make sure to check that folder.

Why join?

  • Be a part of a small family for a life of highly passionate people

  • Put your knowledge into practice in an awesome project

  • A flexible schedule

  • Be around the most innovative and creative people

  • Experience an interesting, diverse cross-culture group

  • Practice, learn, and master new languages

  • A fresh and comfortable office environment full of inspiration

  • We aim to make our ideas and dreams into reality.

  • Network with the most important contacts in the game world

  • We promise no day will be the same with us unless we accidentally invent a time machine.

  • Get the experience of a lifetime in game development from scratch with an organization on the path to revolutionizing the industry

Because we are so committed to this project, we are not sure what's crazier about our idea or not fulfilling it! We think that the next step for you is not to walk away but come and join us. We can't wait to talk further with you. So, what are you waiting for?

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