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Our Studio

We are dream makers, creating journey opportunities for aspiring talent and delivering uniquely crafted gaming interactive experiences.

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About Our Studio

We are a  startup founded in 2020, with a diverse international team of 30+ based in Copenhagen. Unlike most studios, we quickly expanded into a multi-functional team of ambitious developers, artists, designers, composers, and researchers. Our team blends experience and innovation, united by a passion for creating meaningful games. Our current project, Tectonicus, is a history-rich, card-based auto-battler rooted in the Viking Age.

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In-House Crafted Game Assets

We make our assets in-house, from visual art and code to music and foley sounds, with passion and respect for history. One of our unique strengths is creating these assets to build an immersive game atmosphere that takes players on a journey to the past. We dedicate ourselves daily to crafting exciting cards, decks that feel like a living army under your wise warlord’s hand, and battle scenarios that let you shape history.

Inclusion & Diversity: Made Real

Diversity and inclusivity are core to our daily practices. We support individuals of all genders, backgrounds, and skill sets, fostering a dynamic and positive environment. We value openness, transparency, work-life balance, and results. Here, you'll feel welcome and respected, with your voice and profession mattering. Join us to excel in your career and make a meaningful impact on our project and players.

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