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A new journey of
meaningful games

Our Current Game

Fantasy Gaming

Tectonicus: On the Edge of War

Our first game brings history into a card-based auto-battler game.


About Us

Gamers at Heart

We are an indie student startup of 20+ people who focus on making games that are equally entertaining and useful to teach the player new things.

Our games are meaningful, wonderful, and thoughtful.

While we're headquartered in Copenhagen, we have an abundance of diverse team members across the world in faraway places such as Spain, Iran, Canada, Portugal, USA, and more. We collaborate with educational institutions to improve the learning outcome.

The team takes good care of each other, so do you want to join our family? We are open, flexible, and transparent. Our team learns, teaches, and shares with each other.

Games should be both a good experience to make and play!

Our Office

Our office is in the Human & Legal Innovation Hub of the University of Copenhagen, in the South Campus (KUA)

The university innovation hub aids us with consultants, office space workshops, and much more they don't own or control our project.

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What is our goal and how do we make it work?

Most games are very entertaining, but few are designed to bring a meaningful experience that has deep application in our lives. Our mission is to produce an alternative game based medium that can entertain and level up people’s understanding of the world engaging them to be empowered.

Read our latest news


Devlog April 2022 - New battle board and initial settlement manager showcase

Hello, we welcome you to yet another devlog. This time around, we're covering a new battle board and showcasing an initial settlement...


Devlog February and March 2022 - Dynamic battles, combat zoom and graveyards

Hello and welcome to the devlog. This time we will be covering dynamic battles, combat zoom, and graveyards. Dynamic battles We have...

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Gamucatex. For any inquiries, commission requests, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.
We are currently based in the Human & Legal Innovation Hub.
You can find it at South Campus, the University of Copenhagen in building 3, Room 6B.1.06

Karen Blixens Vej 8, 2300 København S

Thank you for contacting us

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