Our Projects

Currently we work on our prototype with the working title Tectonicus



Tectonicus is the project title for our historical and mythological universe, where you can experience and play with history and mythology. As war both plays a big part of history and it is an interest shared by many the main gameplay will involve developing a civilization and leading it and succeeding on the battlefield. Fighting takes place on a card based format.
While we catch the users' interest we will teach them about history, mythology, religion and potentially more. They will be presented with characters of importance to history and creatures based on the stories found in the myths. We don't want to blindly follow game tropes, instead we want to innovate and try to make sure that the user is not misled or gets the wrong picture of a subject. We still have room for fantasy, and if we can teach we hope to inspire and encourage the user to study the area more. The game takes you through the time of the earliest civilizations and up until modern times. Each player gets to be guided by a god or similar deity from one of the myths and civilizations in the game. This could be the Greeks' Zeus, the Romans' Mars, the Chinese Jade Emperor/ 玉皇大帝 or Shango from African. We will produce the Norse first and add further civilizations later on.
The gameplay is heavily inspired by turn based tactical games, such as Hearth Stone, Age of Empires, Civilizations and Heroes of Might and Magic.