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Who We Are?

We are an indie student startup of 20 people that focuses on making games that are equally entertaining and useful to teach the player new things. Our games are edutainment. The headquarters are in Copenhagen but we are international with team members across the world. We collaborate with education institutions to improve the learning outcome.
The team takes good care of each other, so do you want to join our family? 
We are open, flexible and transparent
Our team learns, teaches and shares with each other
Games should be both fun to play and make!

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The office is in Human & Legal Innovation Hub at UCPH, at South Campus (KUA) and it is part of a programs in Communication and IT to do startups. The University of Copenhagen aids us with consultants, an office space, workshops and much more, they don't own or control our project. Team members doing academical research here usually keep collected data to write papers.

The academical inputs we get elevates the learning potential for our users, does come from students and professors.  With gamification the end result is a tool for students, teachers and the general population. Our learning-lab is an open space for experimenting with new ideas to generate new study practices.

The traditional digital games medium offers great potential for learning, commonly players get proficiency in certain areas after playing games. Language and communication skills are one example. Most games are very entertaining, and do teach players certain things, but the learning process is not structured. While many educational games focus on the teaching aspect but don't utilize the other affordances of the media as described. They are quite frankly boring. Our mission is to make great games combining both worlds.

The problem we solve is that people want to learn but they find conventional learning methods insufficient and disengaging.  Also teachers are stuck with old tools that cannot keep up with the modern student. But the publishing world and the market needs new products to sell, to keep up with demand. 

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